Brief on Science Laboratory Technology

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A laboratories is a space that provides a well arranged environment in which scientific and technological research, experiments and measurements can be undertaken.

Basically, there are three different kinds of science laboratories. These laboratories are Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratory. These laboratories have over the years midwived  other laboratories like Research laboratories for chemical analysis, Medical laboratory for clinical pathology test, Electronic lab test for discovery and development of gadget and devices  and the list is in-exhaustive.

Technological / Technical workshop have its elementary root in Introductory Technology Workshop. There are been tremendous and diverse improvement of this workshop with  relationship with science laboratories. Today we have mechanical and automobile workshop, Food engine and Biotechnological laboratories.

Although standard laboratory requires adequate work space yet, every laboratory is built on the space available for it constructions. Regardless of the space or structure of a laboratory it must boast of certain components.

These components are:

  • Furniture and fittings
  • Equipment
  • Chemicals, reagents and apparatus
  • Guidelines

In the construction of a laboratory, there are certain structural modification that must be put into place such as:

  • The availability of windows for ventilation
  • Entry and exit doors
  • Lighting and alarm systems
  • Storage room
  • Waste disposal bin
  • First Aid
  • Sufficient water supply

Guidelines / Safety rules chart is a major component that governs the use of a laboratory. This chart should be seriously adhered to as to avoid accident or explosions in a laboratory. For example, a scientific laboratory is not a cafeteria or a store room (where different types of goods are stored).  Use of laboratory as subject is a prerequisite for every student in educational syllabus, this must be introduced at secondary educational system.

 For a student to be vastly knowledgeable in the area of science and technology, Laboratory practical (Experiment) must be engaged with the theoretical classroom learning experience.  This concludes that every educational institution must have an adequate scientific laboratory to foster the needed growth in the futuristic development of the physical world.


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