Hotplate, Hotplates & stirrer, Ohaus, GUARDIAN™ 5000


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OHAUS Guardian 5000™ Hotplates Stirrers are designed for safety and simplicity in all research, academic and industrial applications. The design ensures proper mixing and temperature control of the top plate or your sample when using the optional temperature probe. Heating models include a Single Point Calibration feature for multiple setpoints. Select from five models with three plate sizes for your everyday heating and stirring applications.

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Hotplate, Hotplates & stirrer, Ohaus, GUARDIAN™ 5000

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GUARDIAN™ 5000 , e-G51HS07C


Hot top indicator light, audible alarm, SafetyHeat™ protection shuts off the heater in the event of a malfunction, temperature calibration feature for 3 probe and 3 plate setpoints


15 L

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